The Island Woods of Cape Ann

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The following errors have been made in
The Dogtown Guide and map, as well as in The Island Woods.

Mis-labeled Cellars

Omitted Cellars

Mis-identified Cellars

Also note that Peter Lurvey lived at cellar 25 not at (S). Chris Doyle at Sandy Bay Historical Society told me this but I didn't believe her. She was right.

The Luce Trail in Dogtown was named for Dorothy S. Luce not Luce George. Dorothy Luce was a life-long resident of Rockport, an avid birder, a conservationist, and an outspoken member of the Rockport Conservation Commission for many years. She died in 1986 at the age of 93, and was part of the Rockport planning and conservation work during the 1970s and early 80s. (Thanks to Steve Luce for the correction.)

Thanks to Kevin Martin for finding several cellars not on my original map.

Also there are 27 Babson Boulders not 26. Two are labeled D.T. SQ. (Thanks to Debra Legg for pointing this out.)  
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