The Martian Enigmas

Examines the "Face on Mars" along with pyramids and other unusual objects on the Martian surface photographed by a Viking orbiter spacecraft in 1976.

The Cydonia Controversy

History, science, and implications of the discovery of archaeological ruins on Mars, and its place in the debate over extra-terrestrial life.

The Dogtown Guide

A pocket guide to Dogtown, the remains of an abandoned colonial settlement on Cape Ann, Massachusetts.

The Island Woods

A spatial history of the uninhabited woods of Cape Ann constructed from historical photographs, maps, GPS data, and satellite imagery.

The Cellars Speak

Examines the social structure of Dogtown using a data fusion approach that combines maps, genealogy, and oral history.

The Martian Enigmas

The original Mars anomalies website established in 1998. (not optimized for mobile devices)

The Island Woods of Cape Ann

Links to maps and other resources for exploring the uninhabited woods of Cape Ann, Massachusetts.

New Frontiers in Science

A web-based journal of research papers and theories of unexplained phenomena. Consists of about twenty papers published from Fall 2001 to Summer 2004. (not optimized for mobile devices)

Web Apps
Discover Dogtown

Self-guided tour of Dogtown's cultural and natural history. Shows all trails, intersections, and access points.

Find It at Veggie Fest Chicago

Finds vendors, events, and other destinations at Veggie Fest 2016.

Guide to Poles Hill

Shows key features and astronomical alignments at a Native American ceremonial site in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Apple iOS Apps
Intelligent Gadgets

Music, photo/video, geospatial, physical sensing, and other apps for iPhone and iPad.

AquiPod Data

Time lapse video and acoustic data collected by the AquiPod underwater collection device.

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