Ancient Mysteries
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Before Atlantis

New Evidence Suggesting the Existence of a Previous Technological Civilization on Earth.

Mars Anomalies
Learn about the Face and other unusual objects in the Cydonia region of Mars first imaged by a Viking orbiter spacecraft in 1976.
The Martian Enigmas

Examines the "Face on Mars" along with pyramids and other unusual objects on the Martian surface photographed by a Viking orbiter spacecraft in 1976.

The Cydonia Controversy

History, science, and implications of the discovery of archaeological ruins on Mars, and its place in the debate over extra-terrestrial life.

Cape Ann History and Archaeology
Learn about Dogtown, Poles Hill, and other places in the inland woods of Cape Ann, Massachusetts.
The Dogtown Guide

A pocket guide to Dogtown, the remains of an abandoned colonial settlement on Cape Ann, Massachusetts.

The Island Woods

A spatial history of the uninhabited woods of Cape Ann constructed from historical photographs, maps, GPS data, and satellite imagery.

The Cellars Speak

Examines the social structure of Dogtown using a data fusion approach that combines maps, genealogy, and oral history.

App Development
Go to Intelligent Gadgets website for apps, demo videos, and documentation.
Diary of a Serial App Developer

A Geek's Journey Through a Universe of Algorithms and Applications.

New Frontiers in Science
Archive of New Frontiers in Science - an online journal that examined unexplained and controversial scientific phenomena.
Aquatic Devices
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