What is an AquiPod?
An AquiPod is a low-cost underwater data collection device consisting of an iPod or iPhone (minus SIM card) in a water-tight case/enclosure. Apps provide functionality:
  • Standard and time lapse video capture
  • Acoustic data recording
  • Other (custom)
Depending on the case or enclosure an AquiPod can be deployed to depths up to 30 meters. Deployment times may extend up to a day, depending on the available power/power consumption (which depends on the app).

Here's an example of a time lapse video collected over about a four hour period.

AquiPod in 4 inch watertight enclosure

This device consists of the following components:

  • 4 inch watertight enclosure and electronics tray manufactured by Blue Robotics
  • iPhone 4s
  • Aquarian H2a-XLR hydrophone
  • iRig Pre amplifier
  • 16.8 amp/hr. 5 volt power pack
  • External deployment fixture
The following are views of the internal electronics tray showing the iPhone and powerpack on one side, and the iRig preamp on the other.

The next three photos show the tray inserted into the watertight enclosure, next to the deployment fixture, and fully assembled.

The top of the device, shown below, has a vent plug (which is open in this photo), the hydrophone mounted in a penetrator plug, and three blank plugs.

The cost to construct one of theses device is $750-$1000 depending on options. Contact me for details.

AquiPod Lite

Sample Data
User Manual

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