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Mandala Music HD

Mandala Music provides a new way of expressing yourself musically. Instead of playing a conventional instrument, Mandala Music maps the notes of musical scales to pads on the iPad, which are arranged in a circular pattern known as a mandala. Music is pattern and pattern is music.

Mandala Music HD is an extended version of our original Mandala Music app, which is described here. With Mandala Music HD you can play and compose multi-track compositions. Compose a pattern and change the modality from a western major scale to an Egyptian, Arabic, or other scale (33 scales from around the world are provided). Change the tempo, the sound (pitch, harmonics, dynamics), the meter, and even the rhythm.

The following video shows Mandala Music HD running on an iPad. The iPhone version of the app has the same functionality but is organized differently. Both apps are compatible with Audiobus 3.

The top bar on the iPad version of the app contains the following controls:

  • Play - tap to reveal the playing surface
  • Sound - tap to change the sound of the currently selected track
  • Scale - tap to change the scale; i.e., the notes assigned to the pads
  • Tempo stepper - change the tempo from 30-300 beats per minute
  • Time signature stepper - change the number of beats from 1 to 16 beats per track
The bottom bar on the iPad version of the app contains the following controls:
  • X - tap to clear the currently selected track
  • Track selector - changes the currently selected track
  • Play control cycles from stop, to a within track loop, to an across track loop, and back. When stopped each pad you tap gets stored in the loop for the track. Tapping outside a colored circle inserts silence (a rest). The number of notes in a track is equal to the selected time signature times the subdivision; e.g., 4/4 with 1/12 subdivision (eighth note triplets) has twelve notes in the track.
  • Volume slider
  • Subdivision selector - 1/4 quarter notes, 1/8 eighth notes, 1/12 eighth note triplets, and 1/16 sixteenth notes
The same controls are available in the iPhone version, but are organized differently given its smaller screen size.
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