Other Anomalies in April 2000 Images

Mark J. Carlotto

This page will be updated as additional anomalies in the MGS images released by MSSS/JPL in April 2000 are identified.

The Hollow

This formation in image m08-06460 east of the Face in some ways resembles the Face. Note the lines (cracks?) at the top, the triangular facet just below and to the left, the sloped sides, and other morphological similarities. Lack of strong shadows make it difficult to analyze the shape of this object. The center appears to be lower that the sides, like a hollow.


Mound E

One of the mounds analyzed by Crater and McDaniel was imaged in m09-05394. Shown below is a 360 degree rotation  of this feature and the surrounding terrain produced from MGS-derived height information.

Processed Imagery Copyright © 2000 by Mark J. Carlotto. Original Imagery Courtesy MSSS/JPL.

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