Symmetry and Geometry of the Face on Mars Revealed

A New Analysis Based on the April 2001 Image

Mark J. Carlotto

Orthorectified image of the Face on Mars On April 8, 2001 Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) was able for the first time to obtain a fully illuminated high resolution image of the Face on Mars. Like previous MGS images the Face appears at first glance to be a highly eroded natural formation. However analysis of this new image shows the object to possess a very high degree of symmetry in two directions. Using repeatable geometrical constructions based on clearly resolved features the Face appears to fit a consistently expressed geometrical model based on rectangles having a long to short side ratio of 4/3, i.e., by rectangles diagonally bisected by 3-4-5 right triangles. Analysis of the new image reveals that the right (east) side of the Face is covered with sand. The depth of the sand appears to be sufficient to have covered over some of the detail on the east side and may account for its apparent lack of facial symmetry.

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