Analysis of Mars Odyssey THEMIS Imagery of the "D&M Pyramid"

Mark J. Carlotto

Themis image of D&M Pyramid on Mars In April 2002 the Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) aboard the Mars Odyssey spacecraft acquired a 19 meter/pixel visible image over a region in Cydonia containing the Face, D&M Pyramid, and the eastern portion of the City. This new image provides the first fully illuminated view of the D&M Pyramid — a faceted landform south of the Face first imaged by Viking in 1976. The new THEMIS image shows the D&M Pyramid is a highly symmetrical object with striking similarities to other objects in Cydonia. The presence of two highly symmetrical objects — the Face and the D&M Pyramid — with completely different morphologies, less than 20 km apart, suggests the possibility that this collection of objects could be the eroded remains of ancient artificial structures on the Martian surface.

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