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New Frontiers in Science is an online journal that examines unexplained and controversial scientific phenomena. NFS publishes research and theories outside currently accepted scientific paradigms.


NFS0101a: Mark J. Carlotto, "Symmetry and Geometry of the Face on Mars Revealed: A New Analysis Based on the April 2001 Image"

NFS0101b: Horace W. Crater, "Review of: 'Symmetry and Geometry of the Face on Mars Revealed' by Mark Carlotto"

NFS0101c: Lan Fleming, "Identification of the Mars Global Surveyor MOLA Profile of the Face on Mars"

NFS0101d: Mark J. Carlotto, "Face on Mars: High Resolution Animated Content"

NFS0102a: Alexey V. Arkhipov, "Towards Lunar Archaeology"

NFS0102b: Francis Ridge and Lan Fleming, "Anomalous Object Tracked Near Moon"

NFS0102c: Mark Carlotto, "3-D Analysis of the 'Blair Cuspids' and Surrounding Terrain"

NFS0103a: Mark Carlotto, "Analysis of Mars Odyssey THEMIS Imagery of the D&M Pyramid"

NFS0103b: Mark Carlotto, "Ancient Shoreline in Cydonia"

NFS0104a: Gerry Zeitlin, "SETI, SETV, and UFOs"

NFS0104b: Stanton T. Friedman, "UFOs: A Challenge to SETI Specialists"

NFS0104c: Gerry Zeitlin, "Are Pulsar Signals Evidence of Astro-Engineered Signalling Systems?"

NFS0104d: Scot L. Stride, "Approaching the SETI Strategically"

NFS0201a: Walter Cruttenden and Vince Dayes, "Understanding Precession of the Equinox: Evidence our Sun may be part of a long cycle binary system"

NFS0202a: Lan Fleming, "A New Look at the Evidence Supporting a Prosaic Explanation of the STS-48 "UFO" Video"

NFS0203a: Greg M. Orme and Peter K. Ness, "Martian Spiders"

NFS0301a: Lan Fleming, "Examination of Object Trajectories in the STS-48 "UFO" Video

NFS0401a: Carlo Santagata, "Eppur si muove (Nevertheless, it does move)

NFS0404a: Mark Carlotto, "Anomalous Phenomena in Space Shuttle Mission STS-80 Video

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