High Resolution Animated Content

Additional data supporting analysis of April 2001 Image of the Face on Mars

Mark J. Carlotto

Flickers between July 1976 Viking frame 70A13 (left) and its digital elevation model (DEM) computed by shape-from-shading (right), and the new April 2001 MGS image (left) and its DEM (right) computed by shape-from-shading (SFS). Consistency of Viking and MGS SFS results are evident.

Shows the two images and their horizontal axes of symmetry. In the orthorectified image four circular features line up along the horizontal axis of symmetry.

Flickers between the orthorectified MGS image and its mirror image. Images are shifted so that their horizontal axes of symmetry coincide. Multiple points of symmetry within the Face are evident.

Shows successively refined 2-D geometrical models of the Face. Figure of merit (FOM) of the fit is shown in the upper left corner and decreases as the model is refined. The FOM is the sum of three differences: 1) between the height to width ratio of the ABCD rectangle framing the Face and 4/3, 2) between the ratio of the major to minor axes of ellipse e4 and 4/3, and 3) between the center of the ABCD rectangle and the intersection of the horizontal and vertical axes of symmetry of the Face.

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